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How Secure is Your Network?

Get 24/7 proactive health, performance and security monitoring and management.Our certified engineers offer expert troubleshooting, systems project support and day-to-day administration.Operational reporting, along with security and network performance analysis, provide you with the critical information you need to optimize your IT environment. Rapidly adopt advanced technology and enjoy a faster time to market on projects.

Security Risk

Know your network perimeter better and know which application vulnerabilities are being used to attack your network, which malware/botnets were detected, what phishing attacks are making it through your defenses and which devices are “at risk”— for security breach probability.


Visibility and productivity works hand in hand, get the insight as to which peer-to-peer, social media, instant messaging, and other apps are running—for application visibility control as well as what spam, newsletters or adult content may be bothering your email.

Utilization and Performance

Get all the answers you need such as what is your throughput, session, and bandwidth usage requirements during peak hours—for the network, email system and critical applications.

How about 100% Compliance


Our solutions ensure you are PCI DSS, GDPR, and ISO compliant all the time.


Netbyte security aims to provide strong security for its clients to stop and contain pervasive threats emanating internally and externally to the organisation.

Internal Security

Endpoint Security

Netbyte Technologies provides security for endpoint protection through the use of strong endpoint protection software such as karspersky, MicroTrend, Sophos, checkpoint, Microsoft security endpoint and many others. Endpoint security is an internal mechanism that aims to monitor activities on a device and act in retrospective manner to stop and contain the threat. Endpoint security provides a pervasive approach to stopping threats as it is always available on the device to provide the required protection.

Access Control

Control to access of the network infrastructure is essential and Netbyte Technologies brings the solution of Cisco ISE to provide a centralised control on who can access corporate resources and what they can access. This provides the functions of authentication, authorisation and accounting while Cisco ISE acts as the radius server for users trying to access the network. Access control can be further integrated in wireless access where guests access is controlled and given limited access to internet only and corporate users access corporate resources. ISE streamlines access and provides visibility into who accessed the network at what time, where, when and how they accessed the network. This provides audit information which is essential in troubleshooting the network. ISE can be integrated with other wireless solutions such as Ruckus and Motorola.

Security Intelligence

Netbyte Integrates many solutions to come up with an intelligent system that creates a network as a sensor state in which the network continuously monitors and identify threats. Using vendors’ security intelligence base zero day attacks can be easily detected and contained, Netbyte prescribe solutions for its clients that can stop ransomware attacks such as the PETYA and Wannacry ransomware. Security intelligence is of importance to modern day corporates as there is high volumes of data at rest and in transit that needs protection. Devices have to create a grid that shares security information, and devices can make decisions based on the shared data hence protecting the network.


Perimeter Security

Netbyte Technologies offers solutions for perimeter security using technologies from World’s leading vendors that include Cisco, Fortinet, Checkpoint and Sophos. Solutions are scaled from small-to-medium-to-large enterprises with respect to number of users and amount of traffic traversing the network. Perimeter security acts as the first line of defense against external threats. The internet hosts dangerous threats that threaten to exploit various vulnerabilities in order to execute attacks on computer systems. Netbyte Technologies aim to stop, contain and remediate those threats through prescribing proper defense mechanisms for our customers.


Internal Firewall

Netbyte Technologies provides solutions for internal security through prescribing solutions for internal firewall that protects the corporate resources from corporate users. This procedure provides a layered approach to defense known as the principle of defense in-depth in network security and auditing.

  Network DMZ

Using its specialized Engineers, Netbyte can prescribe DMZ solutions for its clients, the DMZ allows servers that are supposed to be accessed from internet to be in a zone that is not internal but segregated from the rest of the network. This security measure reduces the impact of threats and attacks emanating from the outside network towards the internal network.

NOC Solutions

Netbyte provides NOC solutions to its customer to streamline visibility of processes and actions occurring in the network. Solarwinds and Manage Engine are the two popular solutions provided by Netbyte to its customers. NOC center helps organisations to quickly identify anomalies within the network and rectify the problems.