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Secure your network with simplified segmentation, and detect encrypted threats.


Deploy your wireless network on-premises or in the cloud. Manage it with Cisco DNA Center or programmable APIs.

Optimal user experience

Get contextual insights to troubleshoot faster and deliver personalized experiences.

Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers 

Provides centralised management of
hundreds of APNs using the LWAPP protocol.
Cisco WLC (Cat 9800, 5508 WLC, 3504 WLC,
Cat 9100- support for Wifi 6)
Ruckus WLC (Zone Director and Smartzone) 

Access Points

For Cisco APNs We have
  Indoor (Cat 9115, Cat 9120, 2800, 3800)
  Outdoor (1572EC, 1562E, 1540D)

Ruckus APNs
– Outdoor (E510, P300, T610, T710, T811)
– Indoor (R300, R320, R720, R750)

We Also Supply :-
Trendnet APNs & 
TP Link APNs

Ruckus Wireless Controllers

For Ruckus Controllers we have 
 SmartZone 300 (SZ300)
 SmartZone 100 (SZ-100)
 Zone Director 5000 (ZD5000)
 Zone Director 3000 (ZD3000)
 Zone Director (ZD1100 & ZD1000)

Ubiquiti Access Points

Ubiquiti Networks offers the most affordable and scalable enterprise wireless solutions.

Available in the following series :-

  UAP – 2.4GHz. 300 Mbps, 
  UAP-LR – 2.4GHz , 300 Mbps
  UAP-PRO  – 2.4 / 5 GHz , 300 Mbps
  UAP-Outdoor5  – 5 GHz, 300 Mbps 

Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless Controller

Ubiquiti drives the leading robust Software-Defined Network Management Controller, The UniFi Software-Defined Networking (SDN) platform is an end-to-end system of network devices across different locations — all controlled from a single interface

Intuitive and robust configuration

Control and monitoring

Local and cloud access