Gain more than three times the bandwidth than any currently available SAN director. The Cisco SAN Switches
deliver superior performance. They can adapt to accommodate future mission-critical applications, massive amounts of data, and cloud environments. A fault-tolerant design and multi-protocol flexibility support non-stop operations and freedom of choice.

Director Switches


– Cisco MD 9700 SAN
– Director Switches

Nexus Switches

Nexus 7000 Series
– N7004, N7009, N7010, N7018
Nexus 7700 Series
– N7702, N7706, N7710, N7718
Nexus 9000 Series
Fixed :- Nexus 9300, 9500
 Modular :- Nexus 9500
– N9504, N9508, N95016



 Extreme Networks Switches