Integrated Biometric & Payroll System

This is a modern e-Payroll built to automate lot of HR processes and bringing the ease in the lives of people.It comprises of :

  • Enterprise payroll Management
  • Auto generation of salaries  slips
  • Auto attendance through biometric
  • Bulk attendance – manual attendance
  • Performance Management
  •  Integrated Biometric Attendance

Integrated Biometric & Attendance System

Employee attendance management has never been this simplified and straight forward.By simply interacting with the laser and visual sensors, Laser sensors to detect the presence of a person before granting access gives a feeling of excitement among the employees. Most organizations use biometric recognition systems. Most common models available in the segment of biometric recognition systems are:

    • Facial recognition
    • Eye colour recognition
    • Finger printing recognition
    • Breath-Saliva analyzers

A scalable solution that can deployed inter-branch with a centralized employee database system which can easily be integrated with other solution such as payroll systems.

Apartment Video Intercom & Doorbell

when a visitor knocks at the door, you often wonder , Who is there ? What are their intentions ? Anyway you still need to go to the door to check. This is in most cases annoying and very unsafe.

Now the video door phone systems allows you to see and talk to the visitor before giving them access as well as remotely opening the door by a simple press of a button. Now how safe is that. IT gives you total safety, convenience for the family and easy control for the disabled world as well.

Intelligent HD Cameras for night vision & focus
An Intelligent Vision crystallizing Solution