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Our solutions safeguards your business in today’s volatile economic climate, by giving you a solid business continuity plan vital to future health and profitability.


We proudly boast with the best of breed    AI-Driven applications that incredibly speeds your Time-to-Market value, needing  from just as little as 3 minutes to install and fully utilize the tools and applications.


Gain the visibility and business insight you ever wanted across your multiple business platforms, millions of business transactions and extensive data exchange between you and your partners.

Business Applications Development

We know the best way to get your business to the market using the best applications and systems suitable for you. Our Agile processes enables you to grow, scalable and comfortable  customize your operations and business continuity strategies. From in-house Mobile, web and Desktop Applications development to Off-the-shelf systems such as ERPs, CRMs, Modern Enterprise Intranet , Secure File Sharing (SFSs)  and Private Cloud Services & applications  to give you the modern-age business advantage through optimized performance, automation, systems integration and unparalleled SLAs you can afford.

Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (MSP)

With Microsoft Azure Cloud Services your business don’t need to invest in infrastructure if you don’t want to.  We can transform your business model from CAPEX to OPEX based in a matter of seconds and save over 68% of management, operations and infrastructure giving you the best and guaranteed performance and SLAs for your business systems in the cloud. Our Services can accommodate your:

  • Mission-Critical Business Systems
  • Strategic Business Apps
  • ERPs nd CRMs
  • Office365 Apps On the Go!
  • Web Systems & Secure Payment gateways

Executive Boards & Governance Solutions

Good governance isn’t just one thing. So why buy software that only manages your board documents? Diligent is the only modern governance solution to lead your organisation that allows boards of directors to securely access board documents and collaborate with other board members digitally from their smartphone, tablet, computer and is accessible online and offline. Our Software portfolio includes :-

  • Board Meeting Touch Screens & Computing Hardware
  • Company Secretary Software
  • Board Meeting Minutes Software
  • Secure Messaging Software
  • Conflict of Interest Forms
  • Board Voting,  Resolutions & Assessment Tools
  • Entity Management Software

Nurse Call System

Our Nurse Call System is designed to streamline communication between patient and clinician, improve quality of care, enhance patient satisfaction and boost caregiver productivity.

The System is SCALABLE, ROBUST & EFFECTIVE to cater for all your requirements and compliance scaling from a single branch to multiple branches across the country and comes with a premium SLA that makes you never worry about a thing. Our Solution can be easily tailored for and size of :-

  • Private & Public Hospitals,
  • Old People’s Home,
  • Mental  and Special Care Facilities,
  • Dental and Optometry Services.

Transaction Monitoring & Fraud Detection Systems

TMFDS is an automated Fraud Monitoring and Detection solution that help Financial Institutions (FI’s) stay ahead of their winning game, preventing money laundering, internal and external crimes and easily passing regulatory and compliance requirements, while also enabling them to compete better.
Its core functions are :-

  • Global and Local Regulatory Compliance,
  • High-speed Bulk Data Processing,
  • Real-time transaction monitoring,
  • Investigation & Alerting,
  • Easy Modular Plug-and-Play Implementation with Core Systems,
  • Customized Analytic Reporting and Case Summarization ,
  • Comprehensive data screening,
  • User (Client) Transacting Patterns,
  • Automated Client Risk Assessment

Unified Communication & Collaboration

Netbyte boasts as the leading preferred Video, Voice and Content collaboration and communication technology provider in the EMEA region. 

We are here to power authentic human connection and collaboration. Face to face, we sift and sort millions of verbal and non-verbal cues to glean meaning. We find new ways to inject these cues into audio and video communication to replicate the face to face experience.

We provide the best in collaboration solutions from accredited global communications equipment vendors such as CISCO and Polycom.

  • Video Conferencing
  • Immersive Telepresence
  • VoIP Desk Phones
  • Audio Conferencing

Banking Industry

Logistics Industry

NGOs & Health Institutions

Manufacturing Industry

Retail & Restaurants

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