Dahua Video Conferencing Solution

Our New Dahua Solution instore focuses on the providing you with an affordable IP based and enterprise HD audio and video conferencing systems for any size of your business.

    B2B Solutions

    We make your enterprise solutions speak in one language through extensive integration of business platforms and applications.Our B2B Solutions includes :

    • Banking APIs & EDI integrations
    • E-Commerce & Point Of Sale (POS)
    • Internet Parks, Cafes & HotSpots
    • Vehicle Tracking & Security


    New 24/7 Surveillance For Your Mobile Business

    With so many robberies , assaults, staff corruption and litigation in the public transport and a 24/7 surveillance solution has become a great need for these businesses monitor your :-

        • cross-Country Trucks
        • Taxis & Public Commuters
        • Industrial  fleet